1st year 2nd Backpack

Jul 20 2019
Jul 21 2019

1st Year Day Hike

May 18 2019
May 18 2019
Black Star Canyon

1st Year First Backpack

Jun 08 2019
Jun 09 2019

2019 Adventure Card Sales & Scout-O-Rama Pass

Posted by MJSven on Mar 18 2019 - 3:21pm

Troop 93 Scouts and Parents, Adventure cards are here and we have already given out 150 of these cards to 10 Scouts to start selling.

2nd Class Advancement Outing - Tinnemaha

Aug 02 2019
Aug 04 2019
Tinnemaha Campground, 2060 Tinnemaha Rd, Big Pine, CA 93513, USA

7th Annual Memorial Day PCT Backpack

May 25 2019
May 27 2019
Pacific Crest Trail

A special announcement

Posted by MJSven on Feb 1 2019 - 5:33pm

Hello Troop 93,  Last year, during the popcorn sales, there were over 20,000 units across the nation selling popcorn. I was just informed that Troop 93 was ranked 32nd in the nation for total sales. Thats right, because of your hard work our troop sold more popcorn than 19,968 other units!! Congrats to all. I really hope you make the most of your scout accounts.  Great job and congrats to all who sold!

Backpack Clinic

Mar 17 2019
Mar 17 2019
Scout Hut at the Kiwanis Youth Park

Backpack Clinic - Sunday March 17th @Noon

Posted by MJSven on Mar 9 2019 - 6:41am

Hello Troop 93,   This email has two parts to it so please read.  Part One, on Sunday, March 17 beginning at noon we will be having the Backpack Clinic for all First Year Scouts, their parents, and anyone else who may have missed last year and still wants to learn what to buy, when to buy, and how to buy the backpack and camping equipment you will need to have some great times in the outdoors on Troop 93’s outings. 

Bike Packing Interest Meeting Tuesday after Circle-up

Posted by MJSven on Feb 16 2019 - 10:13pm

We are looking at putting together a series of Bikepacking outing's.  This entails using bicycles for overnight camping!  This series includes the opportunity to earn an optional Eagle Required Merit Badge - Cycling, a series t-shirt and the National Outdoor Badge for Riding... maybe more!  Overnight destinations may include: Doheny State Beach, Fetherly Park, Angeles National Forest and Tahoe Lake.  IF YOU ARE AT ALL INTERESTED PLEASE JOIN US TUESDAY AFTER CIRCLE-UP FOR A BRIEF MEETING TO SEE IS WE SHOULD PROCEED WITH THIS OUTING SERIES!!!